Quick Book Formula Workshop

A Simple Way to Write Your First or Next Book

The Quick Book Formula
A Fast and Simple Way to Write Your First or Next Book

Having a published book is one of the most powerful ways to increase your credibility, your visibility and your opportunities.

Whether you've written one or more books, or you'd like to write your first book , knowing how to quickly and easily get your book written and into the hands of your ideal readers can open up many doors for you.

In this one-hour workshop you'll discover a fast and easy way to generate content for your first or next book.

What would it be like to share your expertise with the exact people who are eager to hear what you have to say?

In this Workshop You'll Discover How to:

  • Identify the Perfect Topic for Your Quick Book
  • Create Templates to Help You Streamline the Writing and Publishing Process
  • Become More Productive so You Can Get Your Book Written Quickly
  • Decide on the Best Publishing Option for Your Book
  • Use Your Book as a Marketing or List Building Tool

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What Your Classmates Are Saying

"Before becoming part of your community D'vorah, I had no interest in writing journals and workbooks. As a result of the trainings she offers and her own book examples, I now see how workbooks and journals can make great additions to my potential product line and I have developed journal and workbook idea lists. During the workshop, I walked away with 5 product ideas for workshops, courses, books (including journals, guides and workbooks)

The next two books in my book series will be: 21 Ways to Stay Current in Worksite Wellness and Worksite Wellness Quick Guide: Starting A Worksite Wellness Program.

- William McPeck, MSW, CWWPC, WLCP Employee Health and Wellbeing Thought Leader and Strategist

"The thing that intrigues me most about writing a Quick-Book or Quick-Book series is how we can 'hit the ground running'. Rather than agonizing over content and procrastinating getting started, we can get our inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom about a topic written and available to the audience that needs it in a short amount of time.

As writers and authors we often come up with great ideas for book topics, but then find it to be a daunting task to research and compile enough information to turn it into a full-length book—with the result of taking months (and sometimes years) to get it written, if at all. Using the Quick Book model we can overcome those challenges.

Think of it this way: you can read Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, which is over 1,000 pages long, or you can pick up SparkNotes to learn all the salient information about it. Not everyone has the time or interest in reading your tome; but if you can distil your knowledge and expertise into a short-but-meaty guidebook, you’ll be providing a great service and fulfilling the needs of a time-limited audience.

The aspect of the workshop that I found most beneficial to me personally was the section on Ten Strategies for Creating Quick Books. It fired me up gave me the motivation and ideas to get started.

I also enjoyed how the workshop replay was patterned after Quick Book style. Each section of training is put into “bite-size” chunks of videos and worksheets so we can easily find the topics we need to watch as a refresher.

I am currently writing a quick book for ADHD moms, with a working-title of “Shoes on Fire: Strategies to Ignite Your Life without Burning Your Bridges.”

- Tracy Tennant, author and indie publisher at Right Track Publishing

"The business and personal growth I’ve experienced, as a result of working with D'vorah, is hard to put into words! My income has increased dramatically, I am now comfortable with enrolling clients in my coaching programs, my confidence has had an enormous boost, and I feel on top of the world, knowing where my business is headed. D'vorah you’ve been pivotal in my development as a business owner and I’ll be grateful to you forever!"

- Liesel Teversham, author of No Problem: The Upside of Saying No!

"I've been participating in D'vorah's workshops and training for over 3 years and it is definitely worth joining. D'vorah always over delivers and the group works together to help each other as we grow our businesses."

- Sue Massimo, author of Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts and Parents

"I am currently a member of D’vorah Lansky’s Insider’s Club. All club members receive monthly coaching calls, which are really workshops. We also receive free and discounted courses that she presents privately or open to the public.

Anyone seeking training in the area of online marketing will benefit greatly from her courses. She provides quality material and professional guidance."

- Mary A. Jones, Etsy Shop Owner @InspiringDeclaration

"I strongly recommend D’vorah’s courses, and I joyfully give her a five-star rating.

Each time I take a class from D’vorah, I receive much more than I expected. She delivers the goods—and then some. Her expertise on the topics of book and course marketing are unsurpassed. In addition, the materials she presents are well organized and easy to follow. I've taken several courses with D'vorah, and the same level of quality and caring is delivered in each.

The "Virtual field trips" D'vorah takes us on showcase her Masters in Education. She knows that telling AND showing adult learners is much more effective than just telling them how to execute new skills. This is how she goes beyond just telling students about needed skills—she shows you how to do it! Plus, D’vorah promptly answers questions during lessons and in our private discussion forum. She offers her support, and she follows through.

Finally, I want to add that D’vorah is patient, warm, fun-loving and friendly. I like her teaching style. She walks her talk about building relationships with clients. She is a role model for me, and it is my honor to know her. I strongly recommend D’vorah’s courses, and I joyfully give her a five-star rating."

- Jordan Gray, Author of The Seventh Major Understanding—A Message of Awakening

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Your Instructor

D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.

D'vorah is the bestselling author of over 20 books, workbooks, journals and planners. She is also the creator of over 40, successful, online training programs.

D'vorah has taught and coached thousands of authors across the globe in the areas of: online book marketing, workbook and worksheet creation, digital art, ecommerce and course creation. She is dedicated to equipping her students and clients and helping them to succeed.

"I can say that this program has been the push that I need, there are many coaches but rarely do they really teach you a lot that is applicable to where you are and what you are doing. Dvorah's teachings are always relevant and challenge you to grow and expand from where you are."

- Dawn Cherry, author of Stop Tolerating Start Celebrating

"D'vorah your course far exceeded my expectations and left me excited about the possibilities for the future of my book! This course gave me a lot of hope that my current book can have a far greater influence. Even more, it gave me the tools I needed to get my writings in the hands of others in a more usable and personable form.

D'vorah, you obviously have the ability and experience to get your writings or ideas in the hands of countless numbers of people and you were able to relate to the class in a way that everyone believed it was possible for them to do so as well. You inspired me! You gave me numerous practical tools. You caused me to believe that the best is ahead for both my book and hosting a class based on it. I only hope others will take advantage of this and similar classes you offer in the future.

- Admiral Dewey Sanders, author of 60 Minute Guide to Fabulous Aging: Live Long, Healthy, Happy and Young

"I appreciate the incredible talent of the members and D'vorah's willingness to share her time and talent. She consistently gives incredibly generous support, day in and day out, to those involved in her programs. I am not surprised that many of D'vorah's members have been with her for some time - because she is loyal, trust-worthy, very-talented and naturally drawn to educate others."

- Georgia Day, author of Female and Fabulous at 40+

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the training and workshop materials?
You receive instant access to this featured workshop. You can start going through the training right away and circle back whenever you'd like.
How long do I have access to the training and other materials?
You receive ongoing access to this workshop. You can view the training online and you can download the support materials to your computer to keep forever.
How can I register for upcoming workshops in the Share Your Brilliance Workshop Series?
Each month we feature a new workshop. Keep a look out for emails from D'vorah for details about individual workshops as well as how to access the entire series.

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