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Focus on Your Goals and Dreams and Help Your Audience to Do the Same

You’re probably familiar with using a vision board as a tool for keeping your dreams and goals in mind. But did you know that you can use a vision board in a variety of ways, depending on your needs? In fact, you might even want to have more than one vision board, to have a place to create a vision for your dreams for the various areas of your life and business.

Getting Clear on Your Business and Life Goals

If there’s one thing that keeps people stuck, it’s a lack of clarity. The truth is, with ambiguous “goals” you’ll stay stuck. But with a little clarity, you can achieve any goal you can conceive—and even some you cannot yet dream of. The first step is to simply visualize what you want.

How Vision Boards Works

A vision board is a planning tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and daydream in a tangible format. By collecting images that represent your biggest goals and keeping them within sight, you’ll be better able to focus on the next steps to take to reach them.

Not only that, but vision boards can serve to keep you inspired and remind you of why you’re working so hard.

How to Make a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is easy—and fun! You can create yours with paper and other art materials. Or you can create a digital vision board using one of many online apps. While digital boards are definitely more portable, physical boards are often more inspiring. There’s just something about being able to have your vision board in plane site, so you can easily see it throughout each day.

Bonuses Included When You Register via Either Method

  • An Attractive, Customizable Vision Board Kit - NEW
  • A Collection of Vision Board Graphics and Embellishments - NEW
  • Training on How to Create a Digital Vision Board with Canva - NEW
You Also Receive the Vision Board Mini Course which includes:
  • A live training webinar (which will of course be recorded!)
  • An action guide to help you make the most of your vision board efforts!
  • Additional bonus training to help you transform your resell rights!

Here's an Example of Just One of the Many Bonus Templates You'll Receive

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Dvorah Lansky

Meet Your Instructor: D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Author of over 20 bestselling books and 30 successful online courses - on topics related to online marketing and sharing your brilliance with the world.

Since 2007 D'vorah has taught online marketing and course creation strategies to thousands of authors and entrepreneurs across the globe. She understands how important it is to get in front of the exact people who would benefit most from what you have to offer.

D'vorah attributes her success and ability to be productive, to her 90 Day Power Plan System - which she's been using in her own business since September 2000. And now... she wants to share these success secrets with you!

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D’vorah teaches with passion, energy, and real concern for her students’ comprehension and for their success. I look forward to learning from her for many rewarding—and fun-filled!—years to come."

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