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Pinterest is a wonderful platform for promoting your book. It is highly visual and engaging and offers a fabulous way for you to gain exposure to your target audience.

In this video, you'll get a tour of Pinterest along with tips on how author's can feature their books there. I then walk you through a demonstration where I'll show you how to quickly and easily create images (called "Pins") for Pinterest. Enjoy the video and let me know when you've added Pins (images) to Pinterest for your book(s) and I'll feature your book on our Author Board.

Note: If you are a student of our Share Your Brilliance Learning Center (on this site) you can login and you'll see a place where you can share your comments (below) along with a link to your Pinterest page and/or Pinterest author board.

For Everyone -Here's a link to our Pinterest Author's Board. I'd love to feature your book there.