Kathryn Collins, M.D., Author of: How Healthy Is Your Doctor? What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About HEALTH Could Be Hazardous to Yours!

About Kathryn: I’d been happily practicing emergency medicine for 30 years, but over time I became alarmed at how many people in America and around the world have been getting steadily sicker, fatter, and less healthy, and developing common chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, lung disease, and cancer…despite “modern medicine’s” best intentions and interventions. In 2008 I was trained in the newest medical sub-specialty, “Lifestyle Medicine” and have since been immersed in, and a keen advocate of, the critical role of healthy diet and lifestyle choice to improve health. My book and my course explain why the usual medical treatment paradigms for managing “lifestyle-induced” chronic disease are not only unhelpful, but can be harmful; and show how much power each of us has to determine our own health outcomes. I’m a healthy lifestyle activist myself; when not at the computer, you’ll find me “re-creating” outdoors!

Name of Course: Bite-Sized Health

Course Registration Page: https://findbetterhealth.teachable.com/courses/bite-sized-health

Course Description: My course encapsulates, in 5 short, video-based lessons, the main “Truths” of what I’ve come to understand about sickness and health, our healthcare system, and Lifestyle Medicine and its power to transform health. Students will get an important “peek-behind-the-curtain” of modern medicine and see how its focus on disease can undermine our health. They’ll learn about Lifestyle Medicine and understand which food and lifestyle choices have been proven to be most supportive of health, and why. Through targeted Action Steps and hand-outs students will be armed with information and ideas for starting to think differently about—and choose better around—the small daily choices that can help them find and create better health.Subtitle of Your Course: Little Truths to Chew On As You Move Toward Better Health

What Students Will Learn: The most important thing students will learn is that they have the power to transform their own health, through healthy food and lifestyle choice.

How did D'vorah's course on Creating an Online Classroom assist you in the process of creating and setting up your course?

D’vorah’s course was essential in walking me, carefully and deliberately, through the step by step process I needed to follow in order to develop, upload to Teachable, and launch my own first online course! Through her live and recorded webinars and trainings and the Facebook group, I felt continually supported and I got all my questions expertly answered. I’ve completed the steps at my own pace and have worked them around my (very active) lifestyle, which has been really important to me. Now I’m motivated more than ever to keep going, to reach more readers, create more courses, and help more people, and to really make an impact with my message of health in the world!

Thank you D'vorah for making this all possible for me!

Words of Wisdom From Kathryn: Follow the steps! Work at your own pace, but keep yourself “In Action.” Schedule times on your calendar when you can work on each piece. Attend courses live when possible so you can ask questions there.

Enjoy D'vorah's amazing, positive, can-do-it energy! Don’t take your challenges too seriously or get too stressed over anything. Use the great resources from Teachable and from your email management system to find answers to your questions. Keep your sense of humor and keep your journey fun! And keep own your “whys” firmly in front of you. I was an online newbie on MANY fronts and have learned more than I could have imagined, with more to come! If I can do it, geez, anyone can!