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Learn How to Design & Publish Journals and Workbooks
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In the Journal Design Basics comprehensive training program, you'll learn how to Design and Publish Journals and Workbooks for your Audience... easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined! Skip to the head of the class and create your own beautiful journal or workbook by the end of this amazing training experience!

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Content Rich Journals Are MUCH More Than Lines on a Page
They Can Boost Your Income, Help Your Readers, and Increase Your Income!

Imagine this… You walk into a bookstore or specialty gift shop. Along the wall is an impressive display of journals of all types and sizes. Journals for list making. Diet & exercise journals. Blank-page journals with cool or quirky quotes. Journals for fun. Journals for in-depth writing. Journals for hobbies. Dozens of beautiful, quirky, attractive and awesome journals!

And yet, it’s still missing…

There’s that ONE journal, that special one you’ve been searching for, that you just can’t find. The one that speaks to you, that has everything inside it that you want. And you know others want it, too.

Amidst dozens and dozens of choices, you leave empty-handed and disappointed. Don’t let your audience leave empty-handed and disappointed, too!

Journals… they’re like potato chips… or cats… You can never have just one! I know I own and use at least a dozen myself. From journals for weight loss to inspiration to blank books with lines and fun illustrations, the opportunities for tapping into this niche are endless!

Journals are a high-selling hot book style and the trend continues to grow, right now! Everything from journals for writing about your day to keeping track of life events, to managing your kids, your business and your life! But still… yours isn’t out there yet. Is it?

As a well-seasoned author, artist and publishing professional, I’ve been getting ready to create journals for a long time. I’ve also received a LOT of feedback from people just like YOU who are ready to create their own journals. And in my own personal research, I’ve discovered a NEW trend of mash-up journals becoming more popular as niches combine to create one-of-a-kind highly-desirable low-content, highly-attractive and engaging books!

  • What if you could look over my shoulder as I create a beautiful, simple, and marketable (yes, it’ll look GORGEOUS next to all those other journals you’d LOVE to stand out next to on that shelf!) journal?
  • What if I walked you through step-by-step beginning with idea all the way through EACH stage of creation?
  • How much would you invest in a live, step-by-step design, layout, publishing and marketing course for this exploding book publishing niche? (You’ll be surprised at the answer!)

See, what I want to do is teach YOU exactly how to design and publish these amazing books yourself… without the high cost of hiring book designers. I don’t want to just throw a bunch of facts together or share some good theories! What I want to do is put into your hands the know-how to turn around and design your own journal… immediately!

In fact, I will personally create AND publish one of these books from scratch right in front of your eyes! You get the benefit of all the training, experience, research and know-how that comes with my well over 10 years in the publishing industry and experience designing and publishing books for well over a dozen clients. Skip to the head of the class and be prepared to create your own beautiful journal by the end of this training experience!

Your Instructor

D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed.

D'vorah is the bestselling author of over 20 books, workbooks, journals and planners. She is also the creator of over 40, successful, online training programs.

D'vorah has taught and coached thousands of authors across the globe in the areas of: online book marketing, workbook and worksheet creation, digital art, ecommerce and course creation. She is dedicated to equipping her students and clients and helping them to succeed.

Introducing... Journal Design Basics with
Guest Faculty Member: The Book Ninja - Kristen Joy

(A Note from D'vorah: Everything I learned about creating and publishing all of my journals, action guides and planners, I learned in this course!)

Here are the journals D'vorah learned how to create in THIS course...

The Journal Design Basics Course is broken down into
5 Sessions with 5 corresponding recorded Q&A segments

Module One -- Niches, Research, Basics, and More!
Module Two -- Cover Design 101, Interior Layout 101
Module Three -- Book Design Tweaks, Tips, Tricks and QnA
Module Four -- Publishing 101
Module Five -- Out-of-the-Box Marketing

This “Journal Design Basics” class is an in-depth video training course that was originally taught as a LIVE Virtual 2-Day Workshop. You have the benefit of all the QnA sessions as well as Kristen's dynamic over-her-shoulder demo's EVERY step along the way!

In this extensive hands-on training, you'll discover...

60 Journal Style Ideas and how to “mash” them up with other niches to create the PERFECT one-of-a-kind product your audience will LOVE. (Your best ideas expanded and skyrocketed to awesome!)

How to identify the perfect niche and theme to create journals for. (Profitable, attractive & scalable!)

Journal Cover Design 101: Step-by-step demonstrations of how to create a high quality journal cover, including the spine, dimensions, where to get images and MORE! (With Photoshop AND Adobe InDesign tutorials that work on BOTH Mac AND PC!)

Interior Book Design 101: EXACTLY FROM SCRATCH step-by-step demos of how to lay out the interior of your book page by page, with page numbers, how to do margins (and EASILY create those pesky lined pages) in design programs for BOTH Mac AND PC: PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign (PLUS a bonus surprise software training!).

Back Cover Design 101: What goes where, what to do about ISBNs, how to calculate spine width and MORE. (All the details, super-simplified!)

Selling Your Journal: How to price your journal to SELL, compete and still make money. (Stop wondering what to sell your book for!)

Back Cover Copy 101: Step-by-step instruction AND real time demo of how to write the book description for Amazon for your journal so it’ll fly off the real and virtual shelves. (The most important sales copy you will ever need).

Publishing Essentials: CreateSpace, IngramSpark, pros/cons, which to use, when to use them, Details steps on how to create your PDF print files and step-by-step how to upload your book. (The most detailed side-by-side comparison you'll ever see!)

Step-by-Step Demonstrations: Discover exactly how to pre-sell your journal to your friends, followers and fans. (You can take this one to the bank!)

Step-by-Step Marketing: 10 (TEN!) complete out-of-the-box, step-by-step marketing strategies that are guaranteed to get your journal noticed and sold! (Including FIVE (5) BONUS marketing tactics revealed!)

Elements: A dozen elements to choose from to include inside your journal to set it apart from the competition. (Exceed your customers' expectations!)

Bonus Session Q&As: Q&As from each session when it was held live are included! (Your additional questions will most likely be answered!)

And probably most spectacular of all…

Look over my shoulder and watch as I personally design and publish not just one, but TWO complete journals of your classmates' choosing from scratch!

You get to watch every step. I'm not going to hold even one secret back from you. Watch in "realtime" as it unfolded and be inspired!

Watch As I Create These TWO Beautiful Journals, Right Before Your Eyes!

(This photo was taken 10 days after the initial live training for this course. In this course I show you EXACTLY how I made these two books... step-by-step!)

With Your Registration Today You Receive:

  • Access to the all FIVE Training Sessions with ongoing access.
  • Enhanced Summary Transcripts of EVERY Session.
  • The Complete Bonus Training on How to Create Journals Using Canva. (Watch as Kristen demonstrates how to create 17 niche journals, from scratch!)
  • A Bonus Collection of Background and Frame Images.
  • A Bonus training on how to publish your journal using Amazon's Create Space.

Plus you'll get instant access to our interactive discussion forum!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This self-paced course is available on-demand. You receive instant access to the program. You are provided with an easy way to track your progress so you can go through the training and check off the lessons you've completed.
How long do I have access to the course?
You receive ongoing and unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is the refund policy?
Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this training program.
What if I've already taken the Journal Design Basics Course with Kristen?
If you're enrolled in this program with Kristen and you'd like to enroll in this program as part of the Share Your Brilliance Learning Center, Send D'vorah an email, along with proof of purchase.

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