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(Video) Tips for Authors: Promote Your Book with Pinterest

Scroll Down to View the Video After Reading the Post Pinterest is a wonderful platform for promoting your book. It is highly visual and engaging and offers a fabulous way for you to gain exposure to your target audience. In this video, you'll get a tour of Pinterest along with tips on how...

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My Top Action Tips for Using Pinterest as a Business Strategy Jerri Eddington Ed.D.

Enjoy this article by an amazing member of our community, Jerri Eddington. I asked Jerri to share her top tips with us when I heard that she is getting over 22,000 visitors to her Pinterest account each month. Way to go Jerri and thank you for sharing your brilliance with us! Have you ever...

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Course Creation Showcase - Dr. Kathryn Collins: Bite-Sized Health

Kathryn Collins, M.D., Author of: How Healthy Is Your Doctor? What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About HEALTH Could Be Hazardous to Yours! About Kathryn: I’d been happily practicing emergency medicine for 30 years, but over time I became alarmed at how many people in America and around the world have...

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Share Your Book - What Are the Top Three Things You'd Like to Teach from Your Book

If you were invited to speak to an audience of people, who are extremely interested in the topic of your book... What would be the top three things you'd want to teach them or share with them? People are eager and thirsty to know more about what comes second nature to you. Sharing what you've...

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Gift from Dvorah: Worksheet to Help You Identify Online Speaking Opportunities

Gift from DvorahWorksheet to Help You Identify Online Speaking Opportunities What Are You Doing to Get in Front of Your Ideal Audience?One of the most effective ways to expand your credibility and connect with your audience is to participate in online interviews. The keys to making the most...

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Welcome the Share Your Brilliance Learning Center

Welcome to Share Your Brilliance Learning Center where we are dedicated to helping our students grow their reach, their business, and their visibility. Have fun exploring the site! Here's to your success,D'vorah

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